Ableton Price Hack: How I Only Paid $487 for Ableton Live Suite

by | May 4, 2023

Ableton price hack

The current price of Ableton Live 11 Suite is $749, but using this Ableton Price hack, you can get it directly from Ableton for less.

In this article, I will share how I still saved money on the Ableton cost without waiting for a sale. The money you save using this hack can be used to buy other useful music production equipment that will help you take your music to the next level.

What is Ableton Live?

If you want to make music using your computer, you may have heard of Ableton Live.

Ableton Live is a DAW that has become one of the most popular software options for music production. One of the benefits of using Ableton Live is the abundance of online tutorials and courses available that can help you master the software.

Several famous music producers use Ableton Live including superstar DJ and EDM artist David Guetta, and hip-hop legend Timbaland.

2 Steps to Get Ableton Live Suite for Less

Step 1: Get a Free Copy of Ableton Live Lite

The first step of the Ableton price hack is to get a free copy of Ableton Live Lite. Some hardware manufacturers include a license for this version of the DAW when you purchase their equipment. Alternatively, some music production websites offer a free license with a paid subscription.

Audio Interfaces

One type of hardware that may come with a free license for Ableton Live Lite is an audio interface. These devices allow you to connect external audio components such as studio monitors and microphones to your computer.

The following audio interfaces include a free license for Ableton Live Lite:

Personally, I received a free license for Ableton Live Lite when I purchased the Forcusrite Scarlett 2i2, which I used for the Ableton Live price hack.

I chose the Scarlet 2i2 as it allowed me to connect my computer to the synthesizer built into my Novation MiniNova while giving me option to use a microphone simultaneously. Additionally, I planned to get a set of studio monitors, and connecting them to a computer works best with an audio interface and XLR cables.

Although it’s possible to connect studio monitors to a computer using a Y-splitter cable with 1/4″ jacks and a 3.5mm jack that connects to your computer, this setup is not ideal. The lack of shielding in this cable setup can result in electrical and noise interference, which defeats the purpose of using studio monitors to reproduce a clean sound with the most accuracy.

MIDI Controllers and MIDI Keyboards

MIDI controllers and MIDI keyboards are another type of music production equipment that may include a free Ableton Live Lite license.

These devices are an essential music production equipment to make music that allows you to trigger sounds and control various parameters with physical buttons.

I received a Novation Launchpad X MIDI controller as a gift, which also included a free Ableton Live Lite license. 

Here are some popular MIDI controllers and keyboards that include a free license for Ableton Live Lite:

Splice Sample Library

Another way to get a free copy of Ableton Live Lite is by signing up for a one-month subscription to Splice, a sound library for music production.

For a limited time, Splice is currently offering a free license for Ableton Live 11 Lite when you sign up for a paid subscription.

You can get a license for Ableton Live Lite for as low as $12.99 if you sign up for Splice’s lowest paid subscription and cancel it within the first month. This is a great option if you’re looking for a large collection of high-quality samples and loops to use in your music production.

Step 2: Upgrade Ableton Live Lite

Upgrading from Ableton Live Lite to the Standard or Suite editions is easy. Simply log into your Ableton account and check the Ableton Live price for the upgrades.

While Ableton offers discounted upgrade prices during special events like Black Friday, you can still save money on the upgrade cost at other times.

When I first started using Ableton Live, I opted for the Lite version as I was still getting familiar with the software. It took me a few months to gain a good understanding of how the DAW works and decide if I wanted to commit to using Ableton Live exclusively.

Once I became comfortable with the DAW and wanted more features, instruments, and tracks to work with, I decided to upgrade to Ableton Live Suite.

Even though there was no Ableton Live sale at the time, I still saved money by upgrading from Lite. The Ableton Live upgrade to the Standard or Suite editions was lower than the full Ableton price.

The Ableton Live upgrade prices are different depending on the version you have, and whether there are any special offers. When I purchased the Ableton Live Suite upgrade, paid $487 since there is no sale. However, that is a savings of $262 or 35% off the normal Ableton price.

Although I had to buy an audio interface for that price, I needed that music production hardware anyway, and still paid less than the normal Ableton price in the end.

With this hack, I essentially got a great audio interface and Ableton Live Suite for less than the full Ableton Live price.


You can save money and get the Standard or Suite version of Ableton Live without waiting for an Ableton Live sale.

If you are new to Ableton, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with a free version of Ableton Live Lite first before committing to it. Once you decide to exclusively use this widely used DAW, you can choose one of the Ableton Live upgrade prices.

If you will eventually buy an audio interface or audio samples, this hack will also save you money since you will pay lower Ableton Live upgrade prices.

With these methods, you can get your hands on Ableton Live to start producing music without paying the full Ableton cost.


Do I have to continually pay monthly to use Ableton Live?

No, Ableton Live is not a software as a service (SaaS) and does not require a monthly payment. You only need a valid license to have unlimited access to the software.

Is an audio interface necessary for Ableton Live?

No, an audio interface is not necessary to use Ableton Live. However, it allows you to connect external audio hardware to your computer.

Do I need a MIDI controller or keyboard to use Ableton Live?

No, you do not need a MIDI keyboard or controller to use Ableton Live. The software can be operated using a keyboard and mouse, and all the functions and notes can be input that way.

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