37 Surprising Benefits of AI Writing Tools You Need to Know

by | Feb 22, 2023

AI writing is the latest technology creating a buzz and its here to stay. Although AI writing tools are not good enough to replace humans at this time, they can make your life easier and more efficient.

AI writing tools, and chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard, can help you in different ways. You can create content for your blog or website using AI writing, or even solve problems with ChatGPT.

After spending numerous hours testing several AI writing tools and chatbots, there is no question that everyone can use it to improve their lives. Here are 37 ways AI writing can help you in your personal life and in business.

How can AI Writing and Chatbots improve your life?

1. Writing Professionals Letters.

If you need help writing business letters, AI writing tools are able to create drafts to send for when you’re working on a business deal or dispute.

2. Starting Blogs.

AI writing tools can help you with writing a blog post. Input your topic, details, and directions and an AI writing tool will draft something that you can use on your blog.

3. Finding Facts.

The size of the ChatGPT-3 database is significant enough to serve as a search engine. It has the answer to practically anything imaginable. Currently, the database is not continually updated so the information provided may be outdated.

4. Job Applications.

When you are on the job hunt and need help preparing your resume or a cover letter, an AI writing tool can help you craft well written documents for a specific employer before you submit a job application.

5. Learning.

AI writing tools can produce explanations on how to do things. It can teach simple things like pronouncing the pastry “Worcestershire sauce” to more complex tasks such as making a croissant.

6. Making a Decision.

When faced with options, AI writing tools can provide guidance when deciding between them. By providing sufficient information, you can receive sound logic that explains the options that are helpful to make a choice.

7. Improving Online Dating Profiles.

Writing your own online dating profile can be tough when you want to describe yourself. If you’re struggling with finding words to describe you in the best light, AI writing tools can help you come up with an eye-catching profile.

8. Writing Song Lyrics.

If you need help with writing song lyrics, an AI writing tool has the ability to generate lyrics or spark creativity . It will even follow the style you request and a specific rhyme scheme.

9. Becoming a Better Speaker.

If you struggle with public speaking, AI writing tools give you steps on how to face your fear and  improve your speaking skills.

10. Writing a Love Letter.

It can be difficult to describe your emotions in a love letter. AI writing tools can help inspire you or draft a heartfelt letter to someone you are in love with.

11. Chatting About Your Interests.

There are several AI chatbots that can have a conversation about a topic that you’re interested in.

12. Improving Your English.

You can improve your English-language skills using AI writing tools or chatbots. Whether writing or speaking, your spelling and grammar will improve by reading the text generated.

13. Solving Problems.

AI writing tools can take you through steps to solve a problem. As an example, if your car won’t start, you can get a step-by-step approach to investigate possible reasons causing that problem.

14. Practicing Improvisation.

Improvising is a skill that you can improve by using an AI chatbot. Fire off responses to chatbots as fast as you can will help train you to think quickly.

15. Planning Travel.

You can plan vacations with AI writing tools and chatbots. They can generate an itinerary of things to do and places to go based on your specific interests.

16. Getting Advice.

AI chatbots can provide general advice on what to think about and different ways to approach a problem you may have. 

17. Finding Meal Ideas.

When you’re not sure what to eat, AI writing tools can suggest meal ideas based on the ingredients you have available. 

18. Identifying a Song You Heard.

If you want to know the title of a song you heard, but only know some lyrics, AI chatbots can try to help you find the title by asking more questions. 

19. Improving the Way You Communicate.

AI writing tools provide responses that have proper grammar and spelling. If you like the particular writing style of an AI writing tool, you can model it to improve your style of communication.

20. Discussing Things You Are Not Comfortable Sharing.

If there are topics you are uncomfortable discussing with other people, you can share it with AI writing tools and chatbot like ChatGPT to clear your mind. It can feel therapeutic to vent virtually when you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone in real life.

21. Saving a Life.

ChatGPT can help you potentially save a life. If you don’t know what to do in an emergency situation, it can guide you through life-saving steps including how to perform CPR.

22. Learning How to Deal With Other People.

You might not know what to say to others in certain situations. If you have a conflict with someone, AI writing tools and chatbots can provide suggestions about how to approach conversations with that person.

23. Writing a Wedding Speech.

Writing a wedding speech can be stressful because it’s an incredibly important day for others. AI writers can give you ideas or even write a speech.

24. Understanding Math.

Math can be difficult to understand. Some AI chatbots have the incredible ability to solve algebra, convert units, and even explain trigonometry. 

25. Learning Complex Concepts.

Some concepts, such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, can be difficult to understand. ChatGPT can provide explanations of complex ideas in a simple way.

26. Getting Recipes.

AI writing tools and chatbots can provide you with a recipe with instructions. You can even get specific proportions of other ingredients based on the amount of one specific ingredient you have on hand.

27. Reducing Boredom.

If you’re bored, you can interact with chatbots to keep you entertained. They can challenge you to a game of trivia, tic tac toe, or other puzzles.

28. Learning How to Play an Instrument.

You can get step-by-step instructions for playing some instruments. ChatGPT can provide detailed descriptions on placing fingers on guitar strings to play specific chords.

29. Accessing Information.

When you need facts, AI writing tools and chatbots can provide you with information like the distance between cities or the density of bamboo.

30. Getting Emotional Support.

When you’re feeling down or upset, ChatGPT can be used to raise your spirits. Although it is not a  replacement for a licensed therapist, it can console you with positive words of affirmation.

31. Receiving Mental Stimulation.

Chatbots and AI writing tools can come up with logic puzzles and brain teasers. Just request one and you will receive a puzzle that can stump you.

32. Understanding Chemical Reactions.

You can get information about reactions between chemicals. ChatGPT will even provide a chemical equation as part of the explanation.

33. Increasing Productivity.

From asking for help for basic information to writing useful documents, your productivity will get a boost using AI writing tools and chatbots.

34. Getting Step-by-Step Instructions to Do Things.

To understand how to do something complex, ChatGPT has the ability to give you step-by-step instructions to tackle the task. 

35. Getting Ideas for Names.

When you want a list of names to consider, AI chatbots can suggest all types of names that can be used for kids or pets. 

36. Learning Languages

You can learn languages using ChatGPT. AI writing tools and chatbot have the ability to translate writing to a foreign language. They can even tell you the sounds and tones when pronouncing words.

37. Brainstorming Ideas.

AI writing tools and AI chatbots are sources for brainstorming ideas. When your mind feels struck, you can use one of those tools to keep moving forward with your goal.

AI Writing Tools and Chatbots

AI writing tools and chatbots use incredibly powerful technology that can generate writing like humans. Although they can write like humans, they are not perfect. Make sure you double check the writing for errors since there is no guarantee the writing generated is always accurate.

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